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Consultingeuropa is a jointventure between three consulting companies, PCG from Germany and Groupe Alpha from France. Both companies work for  trade unions, work councils and other representative bodies of employees. Groupe Alpha is also specialized in outplacement and local economic development supporting companies or public authorities.

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As a labour-orientated consulting company, located in Essen, Berlin, Dresden, Bad Homburg, etc.,   PCG – Project Consult GmbH focuses on advising and protecting labour in small and medium-sized companies. Besides the core business of consulting works councils, PCG offers a wide range of services through its affiliated companies BOB Tranfer (outplacement), IQ Ruhr and IQ Franken (Training and qualification), WEIDER AG (Human Resources). The main company PCG deals with consulting and policy analysis.

Corporate Consulting : As experts in the context of § 80 section 3 and § 111 BetrVG (Works Council Constitution Act) PCG – Project Consult GmbH offers a broad range of customized advisory activities to enterprises as well as to works councils and trade unions, including : Economical analyses / Plausibility checks / Redevelopment and continuity concepts /Employees’ equity participation and staff initiative.

Studies, analysis and labor market policies : PCG also realizes branch analyses and feasibility studies as an important basis for the development and realization of sustainable actions and innovative ideas, which are crucial for decision-making in enterprises, associations and municipalities. Therefore well-founded sectoral knowledge from operational consulting as well as knowledge of regional and economic networks serves the basis for the company’s work in the fields of Labour market policies / Structural change and regional development / International Projects /Project development, implementation and evaluation.

Groupe Alpha is a French consulting company specializing in social relations and local development. Its mission is to provide a service to both employee representatives and to businesses or public institutions.
Over the last 25 years, Groupe Alpha has evolved from its original role of providing assistance and economic expertise to work councils, to offering a complete service covering all aspects of employment, addressing topics of health & safety at work, local development and environmental responsibility.

To know more, visit the website www.groupe-alpha.com

 Groupe Alpha is divided into three main areas and firms:

Secafi is the French leader consulting company towards employee representatives & trades union organizations.

To know more, visit the website www.secafi.com

Sémaphores provides consultancy and assistance in dealing with economic, social, human, urban and environmental challenges to both public stakeholders and private companies at the local level.

To know more, visit the website www.semaphores.fr

Sodie is one of the French leaders outplacement and HR consulting company. To know more, visit the website www.sodie.com

GITP is a top 3 player in the field of human resources development in The Netherlands. Established in 1947 by two major universities we have been working to improve and develop organizations and their employees and to help them reach their goals. With a turnover of € 40,- million and 300+ employees GITP is one of the bigger organizations in its field.
Our three main business lines are: psychological assessment, management training and development and training and consultancy for works councils. With our roots firmly in science we have our own R&D department and links with several universities. Smaller business lines include management consultancy, interim management and corporate governance. GITP has offices in Belgium and a daughter company in Paris, Obifive.
Our core values are: socially responsible, innovative, of economic value and rooted in science. In our work we look for the highest professional standard.
GITP is linked to consultingeuropa through the business line for works councils, in particular the consultancy group for works councils. In total there are around thirty employees dealing with works councils. Of those thirty circa 20 work as a full time trainer, supported by a number freelance trainers. Ten people are involved with consultancy supporting their clients in all aspects of mergers and take overs, restructurings and human resources issues (including labor law, HR- policies and HR-systems)
GITP’s involvement with works councils started a few decades ago through the training of works councils in knowledge of labour law, of organizations and in the skills necessary for participation in a council. Today we are number three in the Dutch market. The consultancy for works councils started ten years ago and has grown into a major player in that market too.
Our clients usually are the bigger companies in the Netherlands many of which are a subsidiary of a foreign mother (including some of France’s major companies).